Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, my good intentions about blogging SQL stuff more regularly have come to naught it would appear. My main problem is I'm just finding work & IT in general fairly uninspiring. That's not to say SQL doesn't rock anymore, just that I'm not really having fun anymore. My non-human love these days is photography but my main couple problems there are that 1) I'm sadly lacking in a vital ingredient (talent) and 2) I can't think how I could make it financially viable (particularly given the current difficult economic times for a youngish family living in Sydney).

I find photography a very interesting field. There's just so much scope for creativity and I think you could devote a lifetime to studying photography (both the technical & creative sides to it) & still not master much of it. There are also many amazing photos taken by many awesome photographers. I'm still learning the names of the greats and trying to recognise their work. Sometimes I see a shot taken by one of the greats and find it hard to appreciate anything in the shot (other than the man or woman behind the lens); just goes to show that masters don't only shoot masterpieces (either that or I'm a Philistine when it comes to appreciating art). Of course I have tremendous respect for legendary names such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Elliot Erwitt, etc. but recently I have gained a significant appreciation for some modern masters of the game; in particular, James Nachtwey & Joe McNally.

I am a bit of a book-fiend; just can't get enough of them. With a bit of cash from a recent birthday I tracked down a copy of The Moment it Clicks by Joe McNally. It's not the purely technical book that many would expect of a lighting master (even though he calls himself a generalist) but is rather a bit of a philosophical journey through his career and some of his best known shots, complete with running commentary. Joe takes some brilliant shots and, at the moment, is providing what is mostly lacking in my life: inspiration.

If you want to see my meager efforts behind the lens (for reasons unbeknown to me) I maintain a small corner of the webiverse over at Flickr.

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At 17/6/08 18:44, Blogger GateKiller said...

Hi There,

Just letting you know I'm still reading :)

Those are some very good photographs and I would very much like some more SQL Related posts.


At 17/6/08 19:01, Blogger Mike Hodgson said...

Thank Stephen - I'll have to reapply myself a bit then. ;)

At 12/8/08 01:46, Blogger David Toyne said...

Hi Mike,

The irony! the irony! Here I am a photographer learning SQL and there you are a SQL dude learning photography. Maybe its because the water goes the other way around in the plug hole in the UK?

Your SQL memory usage article just got me out of a fix today so I owe you one! Feel free to send any photography questions my way so I can return the favor.

At 28/11/08 23:07, Anonymous Simon said...

Well Im learning things your way round .. Im a SQL DBA whos' being playing with photography and photoshop a while ..

re David : small world .. we've spoken before on epz etc


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