Thursday, August 25, 2005

Holiday on the Gold Coast (a.k.a TechEd 2005)

Cool - having a holiday on the Gold Coast next week! Did I say that aloud? I mean...I'm off to Microsoft TechEd 2005. Looking forward to it. There should be some good sessions and I can finally get a bit more face-to-face SQL brain food (last SQL conference I went to was SQL Live, Sydney in 2002).

Hopefully I should acquire a few nuggets to blog about - I've been a little stalled, a.k.a. brain dead, recently. I'm currently reading a couple articles about the query optimiser & execution plans in SQL 2005 (might give me some questions to throw at the SQL gurus next week).

Going to be staying about 100m away from Conrad Jupiter's casino, 100m from the beach, 100m from a huge shopping centre and 100m from the convention centre - good location. (Off topic: I keep thinking that the PASS 2005 Community Summit being at "Gaylord Resort" is a bit suss.) But mostly I think I'm looking forward to being able to sleep the whole night through (my daughter was born about 2 months ago and I've had to get used to sleep deprivation...again!)

Anyway, I should have something to talk about after next week...maybe.


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